“Checklist Every ASD Parent Needs To Be A Strong Advocate”

Inside You''ll Discover: 

  • My NOT so secret checklist and bonus resources to help you take your next steps.
  • How to build your care team and the questions that you should ask. 
  • The 3 things that every ASD Parent needs to be a stong Advocate.
  • Bonus: Access to the first 2 chapters of my ABC's &123's Autisic Style Resources.  

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“I have known Janice as a friend and counselor for sometime now. Her ability to create calmness’ during chaotic times is such a relieve. I have the up most respect for Janice in her ability to counsel families that have to deal with the aspects of Aspergers. If anyone out there has to deal with difficult family situations, I could only recommend making her a confident.”

 Beate Behrens

“Jan was a para pro to my son in Middle School. As I told her, I am so thankful for all the para pros in my son’s school years. Showing patience and compassion make all the difference. Where the classroom teacher has the task of juggling all the different levels of students in their classroom, the para pro is able to focus on one student or a small group of students. Build on strengths not constantly pointing out the disability. We know our special needs students have deficits but where do they shine? Encourage. Find where they shine and let them be proud of their accomplishments. There will be strides. Keep working for them. When one skill is mastered keep going for the next. It can be done :-)” Cathy