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Aspergers-autism“I have worked off and on with abused/run away children, as well as developmentally disabled adults.  There is so much I love about working with children, and that would be to see the simple smile on their faces, or laughter, for some, the laughter is the only voice some have, while others may use their smile to communicate because to them, it feels safe. I was invited by Janice Vedrode to join the Asperger/Autism group, I really must say Janice has helped me a great deal to understand more than what I thought I already knew, then there are the other group members with their own experiences, and comments that have opened my eyes more. This group has taught me how Asperger/Autism  children try to communicate, their whole families trials, and tribulations, it is really not that the children need to learn how to live with being autistic, it is us, the adults that need to learn how to better communicate with our children. Since joining the group it has definitely made me want to keep learning more of, our children are very special, they are our gifts, there is nothing more heartbreaking than not knowing how to help, or to communicate with our children, that is why this group is so important, it travels far more than how Asperger/Autism children behave, it is a great learning guide as well, it is nice to know that there is somewhere to go when you may need an answer, or if you have great news to be shared. Let’s keep this awareness going, keep sharing, & inviting people to join the group, Asperger/Autism, its a great place to be! Thank you for taking your time to read this, & see, if you read this, you will read other pieces of information that may just surprise you” Christine Rulapaugh



“I have known Janice as a friend and counselor for sometime now. Her ability to create calmness’ during chaotic times is such a relieve. I have the up most respect for Janice in her ability to counsel families that have to deal with the aspects of Aspergers. If anyone out there has to deal with difficult family situations, I could only recommend making her a confident.” Beate Behrens



“Jan was a para pro to my son in Middle School.  As I told her, I am so thankful for all the para pros in my son’s school years.  Showing patience and compassion make all the difference.  Where the classroom teacher has the task of juggling all the different levels of students in their classroom, the para pro is able to focus on one student or a small group of students.

Build on strengths not constantly pointing out the disability.  We know our special needs students have deficits but where do they shine?  Encourage.  Find where they shine and let them be proud of their accomplishments.  There will be strides.  Keep working for them.  When one skill is mastered keep going for the next.  It can be done :-)” Cathy